All about Kinga…

My name is Kinga. I’m a proud mama of two, and I’m a Momographer 🙂

Previously I was a normal girl, who loved sometimes to take nice photos on trips or holidays.
Yes, so just an occasional photographer.

That was until I had my first baby- my little son (Alex,he’s now 9,wow doesn’t time fly). That was a big change for me, a new chapter we could say.
I was taking thousands of pictures of him – sleeping,laughing, being cheeky, upset, smiling or serious. I wanted to catch all those real emotions, to cherish those moments, to keep them deeply in my heart. That’s how I became a Momographer 🙂

When Alex was 4 years, I started working in a professional photo company.It was there that I found out, that I’m absolutely crazy about taking photos and fell in love with photographing.

At first I focused on all Mums-to-be, because I wanted to show them all how beautiful they are! (How beautiful a pregnant woman’s body is.)
And before a baby, there is a bump 😀

I’m really excited about experimenting with new photo ideas, because I’m always trying to make every picture unique and dreamy.

More recently, I had an opportunity to develop in a two big photography studios in Galway, where I could watch and learn from the best, and learn how to become an exceptional professional photographer.

When I was expecting my second baby, I was sure that I wanted to have a bump photo shoot this time. Thanks to my good friend, that was a brilliant experience. She did all the poses that I would love to have, she was ‘me’ behind the camera.

My daughter Emma is almost 2,5 years now, she is my cheeky monkey 🙂 With two kids I’m very happy but a bit tired sometimes ( all moms of two or more will understand that ).  If we add to that my camera work… I’m a very busy Momographer 😉

I’m always taking lots of pictures of them together, from the time Emma was born, to see the love between them, for myself. Because they are growing up so fast, and soon I will hear only “Moooom, can you take her from my room”, or “Moooom, I don’t wanna bring her with me” 🙂

So when I am old, with grey hair and a grumpy lady 😉 , I can prepare a big cup of tea and take a look at all my photos, just to go back to the past, to see my little treasures and to relive that moment one more time in my heart and in my mind

This is what I would love to do for you too…

My main goal when I’m taking pictures is to show love, those sparkles in the eyes, all the emotions , what I can see through my lens,  to show this magic between people,  because when you look back at them years later, I want you to remember all the good feelings from that moment.

My name is Kinga, let me be your person, the person who will save those cherished moments in time for you…

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