7 Ideas for Sentimental Newborn Props

Need some inspiration when thinking about props for your newborn session? Want to make it unique and personal? Check out these great ideas for adding sentiment to your family photos.

  • Recreate a Parent or Sibling Photo
    These types of photos show the same pose with different generations of your family. Show me a photo of you or your spouse when you were a newborn and let me create a similar photo with your child. If you have another child and want me to use one of their newborn photos to recreate instead, that would work, too!
  • Blankets
    Bringing blankets with sentimental value helps add interest and a story to the photo. For example, if it was quilted or crocheted by nana then you’re helping add that sentimental touch and making nana proud. Or maybe it was a blanket that you or your significant other used as a baby. Blankets also provide a wide variety of textures and colours, which adds both depth and visual appeal to your photograph.
  • Something from Your Childhood
    I can also incorporate things from your childhood. For example: stuffed animals, clothes, your bassinet, dolls, a wagon, basket, blanket, etc. Try to find something that can be passed down to your child that meant something to you when you were younger.
  • Siblings Clothing
    If you have another child and you have a favourite outfit that you used to put him or her in when they were this size, this is a great time to bring that out and recreate some old memories.
  • Occupations/Hobbies
    If you or your spouse love your job and want to add something from it or one of your hobbies, this will help
    add a personal touch. Some examples: dog tags, sports helmets, a baseball, guitar, briefcase, camera, jersey, or hat. Of course, I’m open to your ideas, as well. This is just to get the ideas flowing.
  • Maternity photos
    If you did a maternity session, you can do some similar poses with your baby and frame them side-by-side in your home or in an album. If you used an outfit or name blocks, ultrasound picture, etc., we can use those props again in these photos, too.

  • Wedding Rings
    This is a classic shot. Having your child hold your wedding rings in their little hands or placing them between their toes is a good way to incorporate your rings – which signify familiar love and a strong bond – into the shot. Although this photo is somewhat common, it will be unique to you because they are your personal rings and they show the commitment and love that you and your spouse have for your family.
    Alternative idea: if you have a little girl, we could also use your wedding garter as a headpiece.

I hope you will find some lovely ideas to more personalised your future pictures. Remember, let me know earlier if you want create something from the shoot before 😉


Maternity photos

Having maternity photographs taken has become very popular since all Celeb Mums-to-be started doing this. The most important thing is, to do this  because you really want to do it, not because other Mums/ friends/ celebs are doing it.

How to prepare for this shoot?

   1. Schedule When You’re 31 to 36 Weeks Pregnant 

This is the best time, because Your belly will have a lovely full shape, but you won’t be too bloated and uncomfortable, as is often the case in the last few weeks. Of course if Your belly is bigger earlier than 31+ weeks ( sometimes it happen when You are expecting second/ third baby, or twins ), You can decide for a shoot sooner. You are the most important person, so if You are feeling well and don’t want to wait until 31 weeks, book Your session earlier 🙂

   2. Wear Comfortable Clothes That Show Off Your Bump

Comfort is key when it comes to taking a good picture. Even if you’re the most photogenic person in the world, wearing clothes you don’t feel good in will show in your pictures. While you do want to be comfortable, it’s also a good move to wear something that shows off your baby bump. I realize this is a hard line to straddle, but you’ll know your maternity photo outfit(s) when you see it.

Stretchy fabrics that conform to your belly are a great option, as are dresses belted just under your bust. Sports bras are good things to bring also, along with other clothes that You are planning to wear.

I have a few stretchy dresses which I’m using for Maternity session too, so don’t worry 🙂

     3. With partner/ kids or just you

Some future Mums are happy to have their husband/partner and child/kids on the bump photos too. If You are happy to do that, it’s more than welcome for me 🙂

But if You prefer to just focus on You and Your belly, we will chat and plan everything, to make sure that You are happy 🙂


Lines from your undergarments may show up on pictures, so choose the appropriate underwear when putting your maternity photo outfits together. There are “seamless” panties available and some shape wear will also help smooth out lines. Also make sure you wear a properly fitting bra that completely covers your bust and doesn’t allow for “spillage.”


Add to your radiance by lathering up with a nice, luxurious lotion about an hour or two before your session. This will minimize any redness or dry skin. It will also keep you more comfortable if you’re dealing with itchy skin — a common side effect of expanding skin! Skip oily or greasy lotions and opt for super absorbent lotions, instead. Applying an hour or two before your session gives it plenty of time to soak into the skin.


With maternity photography, props can add a bit of magic to the images or they can distract, so You have to choose wisely. The best thing is to decide before the session, chat about all the ideas and see some samples of pictures with props.


It’s a good idea to have a chat with a photographer before a photo shoot, because You will be sure that what You are thinking/dreaming about will happen 🙂  You can plan all the poses, all the ideas, indoor or outside session. And nothing is better than chatting with someone who can feel what we want 😉


Pregnant women often find themselves uncomfortable in their changing bodies. You may attribute your maternal glow to sweat, but your radiance cannot be denied. That glow — and the feeling of having your best friend developing inside you — shows up on the camera. In years to come, you will be so GLAD you had those photos done. And so will your baby.

Thank you Pregnancy Corner for brilliant article about “How to Prepare for Your Maternity Photos: Tips, Tricks and Advice”.

What is a mini session?

Hi guys, some of you are asking me about more details regarding our yearly Minis, so I will try explain you a bit what the story is 🙂

In short, a mini session is essentially an abbreviated standard session. Once you’ve signed up for a time slot, you just show up (a little early) for your session. Then, when it’s your turn, you simply stand in front of the camera and work it. When your 15/20/30 minutes is up, the next client steps into the spotlight and you can run off on your merry way.

Now, the thing about mini sessions is that a lot of them have themes. I love doing themed mini sessions for holidays or seasons. For example, I do a great children’s Valentine’s Day mini session where I bring in a bunch of lovey-dovey props and then ask my clients to dress their kiddos in red, white, pink and black.

Samples from the Valentine’s Minis

I also like to take the less thematic route and instead offer a series of spring, summer and autumn mini sessions in a beautiful outdoor scenery. I also offer a winter session, but that’s indoors where it’s nice and cozy.

I think the theme Minis are still the most popular for you, like Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day or Back to school ones.

Because mini sessions are shorter (roughly 15-30 minutes for each client), you pay less money than you would for a standard session. Pretty sweet, huh?

Obviously, a mini session needs to run smoothly and stay on schedule so that every family gets their exact minutes. Plus, nobody likes to be stressed out.

If you have more questions about how to prepare for those, what to wear, plans for future Minis, leave some comments or send me a message 🙂


Smash cakes bookings now!!!

Don’t forget that we have an excellent packages available for your little ones, to celebrate this first big 1!!!

Let them enjoy destroying the cake with huge mess , and we will be there to capture it 😉

All the questions and to book , just send us a message.
Also, this is a great idea to surprise your beloved with a gift voucher for a photoshoot.

Look at that cutie :)

Memories are not only people, it can be smell, type of fabric, song, special music or clothes.

I had a pleasure to photograph Miss Chloe more recently, and I have to say that she was such a elegant little lady. I love when parents are having some special outfits for their children, so we can capture them too!!!

Do you have any memories from your childhood dear parents 😉 ?

Hugs, Kinga

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

In KLM Photography Studio we absolutely LOVE Valentine’s day!!! All those hearties around, red props, balloons, typical Valentine backdrops bring us into very beloved and romantic mood, as world can’t exist without bit of LOVE 🙂

I hope your day will be same beautiful and lovely as those pictures of our little Daddies Valentines <3

May LOVE will be with you 😉

xxx Kinga

Happy New Year everyone :)

To all of you,
Let this New Year be the one, where all your dreams come true.
So with a joyful heart, put a start to this year anew.
Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year 2019.

Thank you all for all your support this year. Had a bit tougher end of year, but I’m hoping to start new year much better .
Have a brilliant evening / night today
Love, Kinga

Winners of CBOC 2019 are…

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to proudly announce winners of our Cute Baby Of Christmas competition!!!
This year we have only girls as a winners.
Girl power for sure!!!

I want to thank everyone who entered, you had absolutely great ideas with posing your babas.

Congrats to Saoirse, Lexi and Jade 🙂

Have a very Merry :D

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, full of magic and happiness of being together…

Remember, it’s not what’s under the tree, that matters.
It’s who’s gathered around it.

Thank you to all my customers for trusting me with their families, and once again MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Ho ho ho, Kinga