What is a mini session?

Hi guys, some of you are asking me about more details regarding our yearly Minis, so I will try explain you a bit what the story is 🙂

In short, a mini session is essentially an abbreviated standard session. Once you’ve signed up for a time slot, you just show up (a little early) for your session. Then, when it’s your turn, you simply stand in front of the camera and work it. When your 15/20/30 minutes is up, the next client steps into the spotlight and you can run off on your merry way.

Now, the thing about mini sessions is that a lot of them have themes. I love doing themed mini sessions for holidays or seasons. For example, I do a great children’s Valentine’s Day mini session where I bring in a bunch of lovey-dovey props and then ask my clients to dress their kiddos in red, white, pink and black.

Samples from the Valentine’s Minis

I also like to take the less thematic route and instead offer a series of spring, summer and autumn mini sessions in a beautiful outdoor scenery. I also offer a winter session, but that’s indoors where it’s nice and cozy.

I think the theme Minis are still the most popular for you, like Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day or Back to school ones.

Because mini sessions are shorter (roughly 15-30 minutes for each client), you pay less money than you would for a standard session. Pretty sweet, huh?

Obviously, a mini session needs to run smoothly and stay on schedule so that every family gets their exact minutes. Plus, nobody likes to be stressed out.

If you have more questions about how to prepare for those, what to wear, plans for future Minis, leave some comments or send me a message 🙂


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